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Bespoke Hardwood Orangeries

Wooden Orangeries can come in all shapes and sizes, have varying window and door styles, and are designed to sympathetically suit your surroundings.

With today’s modern technology combined with our traditional wood-working skills, we are able to provide an alternative bespoke addition around your ideas.

The examples you see here are just a small number of projects from around the country, each starting with your original thoughts and sketches based around your requirements for extra living and entertaining space.

Brackenwood can also seamlessly match the existing style and construction of your home, with your new bespoke wooden orangery… like it has always been there.

To find out more please telephone Brackenwood on 01704 821325 or visit our contact page to make an online enquiry.

Your Next Steps...

Request a Brochure

We are a family business with genuine ethics aimed at providing quality, value for money product and customer service when installing one of our structures on your home. Our business is not driven by sales but achieving a design and space that you require.

Discuss Your Project

Once we have been invited to discuss your proposed project we will arrange to meet at your home where we can listen and discuss your thoughts and requirements, offer our own suggestions and advice on all aspects of your project.

Survey & Drawaings

Should you decide to accept our proposal and proceed with your build, we will arrange to undertake a detailed survey which will allow us to produce CAD drawings accurately and to scale to allow for manufacturers and the build process.